The Mozarteum University Library has a collection of about 750 books and more than 1300 sheet music from before 1850. The focus is on works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his musical environment (Michael Haydn, Anton Cajetan Adlgasser) as well on works with an explicit Salzburg reference. Our oldest book entitled "Stella clericorum" dates back to 1503 and deals with dignity and duties of priesthood. The oldest music print in our collection is the "Hymni sacri breviarii" by Pope Urban VIII. It represents a collection of songs of worship in choral notation with a beautiful leather cover and brass crest, which was made in 1684.

In the → library catalog, searches can be performed with the search terms hist (for books) or histm (for sheet music) and a list of these works will be generated. The "modify" function can be used to limit to the period, author, title, etc.

The repository also offers you the possibility to access the already digitized works of this collection → online. We are also happy to digitize works on → request.

Examples from our collection:

Haydn, Joseph: Melody and text of the Austrian folk anthem, various instrumentations, Vienna 1896. (officially approved version of the k.u.k. Reichs-War-Ministry, single copy in the Austrian network).

Pope Urban VIII: Hymni sacri breviarii Romani ... Salzburg 1684.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Idomeneo, piano reduction, Simrock 1798.

Kircher, Athanasius: Neue Hall und Thon Kunst, oder Mechanische Gehaim Verbindung der Kunst und Natur, (New Echo and Sound Art or Mechanical Secret Connection of Art and Nature) Nördlingen 1684.→ Scan

Rudolf of Austria: Homework of Ludwig van Beethoven, Vienna 1820. (40 variations of his pupil Rudolf of Austria).

Fux, Johann Joseph: Gradus ad Parnassum, Vienna, 1725. → Scan

Rousseau, Jean Jacques: Dictionnaire de musique, Paris, 1768. → Scan

Seeauer, Beda: Novissimum chronicon antiqui monasterii ad Sanctum Petrum Salisburgi ordinis sancti Benedicti (Chronicle of St. Peter), Augsburg 1772. → Scan